Tandberg product line ad (Dec. 1976)

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During the last 40 years, Tandberg receivers have earned a wood-wide reputation for integrity of design. Clean, clear sound. And outstanding specifications.

Now that reputation for Norwegian quality, precision and reliability shines brighter than ever. Because Tandberg offers you the widest selection of receivers in its history. So you can enjoy brilliant Tandberg performance. And still choose exactly the features you want, at the price you want to pay. See them, hear them at your Tandberg dealer. They range in price from $430 to $1100. And it's comforting to know that whichever one you choose, you've chosen wisely.

NEW TR-2075. Rated among the world's finest in European and American lab test reports. (Loaded with features, it equals or betters the performance of more expensive separate chassis components.)

NEW TR-2055. Made specially for those who don't need all the power of the TR-2075. But who still want to enjoy all the convenience of its many features, all the pleasure o' its performance.

NEW TR-2025. Now you can enjoy Tandberg performance with push-button ease. (This =M stereo receiver includes pre-tuning for 5 stations among its many desirable features.)

NEW TR-1040. Another push-button Tandberg. This one offers more power than TR-2025 pus a full array of the features that have made Tandberg an international favorite.

(Source: Audio magazine, Dec. 1976)

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