Tandberg Series 2000 receivers (Apr. 1978, Audio magazine ad)

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Engineers around the world frequently use the term "Clean & Fast" to describe the performance of Tandberg's Series 2000 stereo receivers. We are very pleased, because this is a rather unusual term to apply to integrated receivers.

Today there are new standards of measuring amplifier performance under actual music listening conditions being applied to the more advanced separates: Rise Time, Slew Rate, DIM (Dynamic Intermodulation) and Phase Linearity. The four models in Tandberg's Series 2000 are the only receivers to excel in these new measurements normally associated with exotic separates, earning the reputation "Clean & Fast." An adequate description of these new measurements is not really possible in this limited space, so we invite you to request our very thorough brochure "An Introduction to Tandberg Series 2000 Receivers" from your authorized dealer. We think you will be impressed, particularly when you compare our specs with the most sophisticated separates.

The Series 2000 receivers stand out in many other traditional, but still important areas of specifications as well. Again, they are too numerous to adequately mention here, but we're tempted to list just a couple: An FM tuner on its own chassis that exceeds the performance characteristics of most separate tuners; a preamplifier with low noise, dynamic range and distortion characteristics of the very best separates.

For your nearest dealer, write: Tandberg of America, Inc., Labriola Court, Armonk, N.Y. 10514; or call toll-free 800-431-1506.


(Source: Audio magazine, Apr. 1978)

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