Sencore Model CR143 CRT Tester and Rejuvenator [Test Equipment Product Report]


A VERY rapid and accurate color-tracking test for color-TV picture tubes is an outstanding feature of the Model CR143, the CRT Champion, recently introduced by Sencore, Inc. The tester is fully automatic, eliminating the need for tedious logging and comparing of individual gun readings. With separate G2 screen-grid controls, each color gun is set up and then automatically compared with the others for tracking. This test is in accordance with CRT manufacturers' test procedures and is essential when claiming credit on factory-defective color CRT's.

A sophisticated instrument, the CRT Champion also makes all the standard color and black-and-white picture-tube tests, including shorts, emissions, and life test, using pure d.c. A line-adjust control assures accuracy when checking critical tubes.

We were especially pleased to find in the instrument setup chart booklet a listing for the type 16AVP4 tube which we have in one of our black-and-white TV sets. This tube is not too widely used and is almost never listed in any of the catalogues for tube replacement or CRT manuals. It is listed right here, though, along with just about every other black-and-white and color picture tube, including the little 11SP22 tubes used in G-E's Portacolor set.

Rejuvenation and shorts removal are accomplished with an automatic rejuvenation circuit. Three rejuvenation positions are provided for saving faulty tubes or equalizing gun currents in color tubes.

The new tester is equipped with plug-in sockets for fast testing of all CRT's and easy updating. The unit is housed in a handsome brushed-chrome panel and rugged vinyl-clad steel case with detachable hinged cover. It measures 10" x 9" x 3;2 ", weighs 11 pounds, and is priced at $99.50.


(source: Electronics World, Oct. 1967)

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