Adcom GCD-575 CD Player (1988)

Transport (bottom). Made by Sony?

Transport (top). Made by Sony?


  • Very Low Output Impedance (100 Ohm)
  • Dual 16-bit linear Converters
  • Triple-beam laser format
  • 176.4 kHz, four-times over-sampling filters
  • Low-group-delay digital and innovative analog filters
  • Unique, selectable Analog Frequency/Phase Contouring circuitry
  • High-grade-contact muting
  • Direct-coupled audio amplifiers employ very fast, linear-gain semiconductors with circuitry based on GFP-555
  • OCL outputs with virtually no DC offset
  • Fixed and variable outputs usable simultaneously
  • Direct digital output
  • Very-high-quality variable headphone output
  • Selectable absolute polarity switch
  • Outstanding Inter-channel phase coherence
  • Reversible cast-metal feet with built-in iso-points
  • Front-drawer loading
  • Plays 3-inch CDs with no adaptor required
  • Programs up to 24 tracks in any sequence
  • Repeats disc, track program or any selected sequence or phrase
  • Fast-forward and fast-reverse scans are audible
  • Displays simultaneously total tracks up to 20, track being played, programmed tracks. tracks to be played
  • Timer displays elapsed time of track being played, total time elapsed on disc, time remaining on track, time remaining on disc
  • Made in Japan for Adcom

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