Philips Magnavox CDB 650 CD Player

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When manufactured: approx. 1986-1988

The CDB-650 was well regarded in its day: in the March 1987 review of this piece in Audio Magazine, Len Feldman said "I honestly can't see how they [Mission, Meridian, etc.] can improve on what the people in the Netherlands have come up with. But that day was nearly 1987 ... when 4x oversampling and "true 16 bit" D/A converters were considered state of the art. The fact that your player still works and sounds "okay" is a testament to the fundamental soundness of Philips' original design.

Used (but working) Philips/Magnavox CD players are sold on eBay (as are their replacement parts) . Due to their durability and long-term reliability, they make good buys ... especially when one considers the size of many music collectors CD inventory. Also, your public library is a great source for CD and DVD. The optical-disc format will be around for quite a while!

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