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We've adapted a few (sampler) articles from Audioxpress as an example of the very high quality of this print magazine. Please visit Audioxpress for more articles and options for a yearly subscription.




A 1 PPM IM DISTORTION ANALYZER--You can build this low-cost, unbelievably high-sensitivity IMD instrument to measure small amounts of distortion. By Richard Crawford

AN 8W 2E24 SE AMP--This author's parallel, single-ended amp design features 8W of power and a "clean, clear" sound. By Don Kang

AMPLIFIER MUSICALITY--This classic study from a respected audio authority correlates measurements and musical performance. By Jean Hiraga

FRYKLEANER: AN AUDIO BURN-IN GENERATOR--An inside look behind the hardware design of a complete self contained burn-in system. By Jim Hagerman

AGAINST THE WALL: AN UPGRADE--In this author's continual efforts to upgrade his speaker system, he presents an improved version of his popular "thin speaker" project published in Dec. '02. By John Mattern

WHY SPEAKERS HAVE SLANTED FRONTS, PT. 4--This audio veteran concludes his extensive study with tips on positioning your tipped-front-panel enclosures and how to build them. By G. R. Koonce.


VIRTOS NOISE WIZARD--Improve the quality of your recordings with this digital editing software. Reviewed by Richard Honeycutt.


OBITUARY -- PETER WALKER, 1916-2003, By Reg Williamson

BOOK REVIEW--Producing in the Home Studio with Pro Tools. Reviewed by Bill Fitzmaurice

NEW CHIPS ON THE BLOCK-- Bicron Transformers and Burr-Brown DSS1700 DAC. By Charles Hansen.

XPRESS MAIL--Readers speak out.

SHOWCASE--A Bulgarian Builds a Spencer Amp. By M. Nyssen.


Battery-Powered Class A Headphone Amp (a DIY project) (Jul.)

Tube Audio Construction Tips: Transformers (Jul.)

High-Quality Moving Magnet (MM) IC Preamp

High Power SE 6C33C Amp – A vacuum-tube DIY project

Optocouplers for Audio (Sept.)

Selectronic GRAND MOS Silver Design Amplifier (review) (Sept.)

Loudspeaker Room Correction, Part 2 (Sept.)

Saga of a Tube OTL Amplifier

Filament and High Voltage Power for Vacuum Tube Electronics

High-Quality Vacuum Tube (aka valve) Control Unit (Oct.)

Notes on Musicality and Distortion (Oct.)

Steps to Design and Build a Pair of Speakers (Oct.)

Why Power Tubes (valves) Arc (Nov.)

Single-Ended to Differential-Mode Vacuum Tube Projects Made Easy

High-Voltage Differential Amplifier for Measurement

ADCOM GFP-565 Preamp mod

Rebuild a Classic Heath’s W-5M

Sonic Comparison of Power Amplifier Output vs. Input

InterSil D2Audio Class D Audio Modules


Passive Preamp: Transformer Implemented

DIY Noise Meter Amp project

A Shock Hazard Tester (Feb.)

A Transconductance Tube Tester Test Standard

Loudspeaker: Driver Parameter Assessment Using Transient Capture Analysis (Feb.)

Transformers (Feb.)

Build a DIY Music Library Preamp (Mar.)

Capacitor Bypassing in Audio Power Supply Circuits: Proceed Carefully! (May)

POOGE for eBay/Craig's List Electronics Test Gear (May)

A Snail Tail Subwoofer (DIY project)

Dynaco SCA 80 – update and rebuild (Aug.)

Five Speaker Myths Undone (Aug.)

A Full Bridge Tube Output Amp

Loudspeaker Damping -- Theory + Application

Nardeux Stereomatic 602 S Vacuum-Tube Amplifier (Sept.)

DIY High-Quality Solid-State Headphone Amp (Nov.)

Musical Waveform Peak and Average Power Frequency Distributions (Nov.)


An IM Signal Generator Upgrade (Feb)

Clamped Bias, AB2, RC Coupled Vacuum-Tube Amp

Purist Recording Mixer--A high-performance mike preamp/mixer/monitor (Feb.)

Selectronic ProFET amplifier review

Dynaco 400 amplifier upgrade project (Feb)

Lowering a Loudspeaker’s Mechanical Noise Floor

Stands for Tiny Speakers--a simple, low-cost project (Apr.)

Switchable Gain Booster Amplifier (Apr.)

A Solid-State Single-Ended Power Amp (Apr.)

Mighty Mouse: A PP 25L6 Amplifier

Driver Interference and Display Techniques, Pt. 1, Pt. 2 (Apr./May)

Renovating the H.H. Scott 222C vacuum tube integrated amplifier (May)

Rehabilitating Cathode Followers (May)

6A87 Current-Balanced Push-Pull Amplifier

The ImPasse Preamplifier

Two-Transistor MC Phono Step-up (July)

2006 (Sept.):

Economical High-Quality Stepped Attenuators – A DIY project (Oct.)

A Tube-based Balanced RIAA Amplifier for Moving Magnet Cartridges – DIY project

One-Transistor MC Step-up (Nov)

A DIY Phase Meter Calibrator (Nov.)

Precise dB Monitoring with Eye Tubes


A $450 Triode/Ultralinear Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Jan.)

DIY Combination Horn Loudspeaker Project

The Cathode Follower and Its Weaker Siblings (Test results confirm that cathode followers are even more capable of driving capacitive loads than equivalent common-cathode amplifiers.)

A Unique Loudspeaker Crossover Design with Waveform Fidelity

Build a Wide-Range Audio Sweep Oscillator

Reliable Audio Engineering via Grounding and System Interlacing

Review of Parasound’s Zamp V3

How Loud Is Real? Why loudness controls never worked

Six-Transistor Ultra Low-Noise MC Phono Preamp (April)

A Low-Noise Measurement Preamp (Apr.)

De-Noising a Vanilla Pre-amp

Speech Intelligibility: What reverb is -- and how to calculate it

Radio Shack Sound Level Meter Characteristics

An Analog A/B/I Switcher + Headphone Amp

The GAMP: Adaptable Power for Tube Amps

Japanese IC Preamp with Electronic Level and Selector

High-End 120W MOSFET IC Driven Amp

The Silent Information Revolution -- Online education challenges traditional paradigms

Gamma: A 10-Watt Integrated Amplifier

Tweaking the Passive Inverse RIAA Network (Aug.)

Calibration of the Hickok 539C tube tester (Aug.)

Cascoding National’s LM12 for 140W (Aug.)

Optimum Stages for Minimal Distortion (Aug.)

Ultra-Low Distortion Phono Preamp: The LP-797 (Sept.)

A Loudness-Compensated Level Control Stage (Oct.)

Monarchy Audio M24 DAC

The 6T9 Tube Amplifier

The Many Uses of a Hybrid Van Scoyoc Circuit

Sounds and Hearing (Oct./Nov.)

Intrinsic Fidelity Testing -- Limits of conventional listening evaluations (Oct./Nov.)

A Hybrid Valve/MOSFET Single-Ended Amp, Part 1 (Oct.)

A Single-Ended Class-A Hybrid Amp, Part 2 (Nov.)

A Mains Analyzer--How Clean Is Your Juice? (Nov./Dec.)



Advantages of Wall Wart Adaptors

Audio Tweaks, Mods vs. Science-based Evidence

A Hybrid (Tube/Solid-State) High-Fidelity Power Amplifier (Jan.)

A Minimalist Audio Amplifier Design

An Inductively-Equalized Solid-State Phono Preamp

Soldering: A Brief Tutorial

The G40EP: A Flea-Powered Headphone Amp (Mar)

The G40EP: A Flea-Powered Headphone Amp (and how to improve this classic design)

Copper Tubing Capacitor Connections (June)

Multiple “Wall-Wart” Power Supply for Audio (June)

Single-Ended, Vacuum Tube, Class-A Headphone Amp (a DIY project) (Jun.)

Upgrading a Belt-Drive Turntable

Salvaging vintage audio (electronics) treasures -- from dumpsters, eBay, etc.

Buying audio gear on the web: eBay, Craig's List, Audigon, and beyond

Tips with audio projects using vacuum tubes (valves) circuits: Choosing Cathode Bypass Capacitors (Aug.)

AC power methods:

A Beginner 6BQ5 SE Amplifier

Class-D amps (Nov.)


Benchmark DAC1 USB [review]

Tri-Way Low Voltage Supply

A Chip-Driven SE Monoblock Amplifier

Balanced Audio Cable Hum: Cause and Cure (May)

ezDAC -- A high-performance DIY digital-to-analog processor (May)

The Unnecessarily Complex 300B Amplifier

Design and Measurement of a Dipole Microphone (Jun.)

Improving a Flea-Powered Headphone Amplifier (Jun.)

Pre-amplifier design tips (Jun.)

Maintaining Your Balance -- A DIY project to handle balanced/unbalanced devices

A DIY true RMS audio AC Voltmeter

An experimental error-correction power amplifier (Aug.)

Regulated Power Supply for Tube Projects (Aug.)

PS Audio Digital Link III -- Digital-to-Analog Converter

Review of the Pioneer X-Z9 Compact Stereo System

21st-Century Cinema Design--Viewing and listening requirements for a THX-quality theater design.

Review of Echo Busters Decorative Acoustical Treatments

Phonograph Groove Jockey -- a unity-gain signal-conditioning module (Oct.)

The Noise (Analysis) Machine -- a method to perform accurate noise measurements

Distortion Meter – An Audio Interconnect Tester?

Interview with the late Professor Malcolm Hawksford

Chassis construction techniques for audio projects


"Vanishing" Loudspeakers – a DIY project for stereo and THX surround use (Mar.)

The Basics of Headphone Testing and Measurements

Ultra Low-Noise Phono Preamp [theory, concept, design and DIY project]

DIY DAP—A Do-It-Yourself Digital Audio Player: Build an embedded hardware/software system for 16-bit digital audio.

The Willowhill Pre-amp -- A high slew-rate JFET pre-amplifier

Rebuild an Old Turntable -- A simple circuit and some tinkering allow clean analog sound.

All About Speaker Cones -- Let's examine loudspeaker materials, fabrication, and quality

Below content adapted from Edward T. Dell, Jr.'s original Audio Electronics / Audio Amateur magazine ...




Hybrid Tube/MOSFET SE Amp

The Hearing Assistant

A Case Study in Audio Amp Design: Part 4


EDITORIAL -- By Edward T. Dell, Jr.


PRODUCT REVIEW -- HHB Compact Disc Recorder


PHONES-01 Headphone Amplifier

Marchand PR41 Passive Preamplifier


Resins for Loads -- By Mark L. Sanfilipo





Audio Power Meter

On The Mechanics of Tonearms, Part 1

The Power Follower 99

A Case Study in Audio Amp Design: Part 5



NAD PP-1 Phono Preamplifier

A DSO Trio, Part 1

Audio SIP-1

BOOK REVIEW--Elektor 300 Circuits


What's a VU?





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