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AT15Sa: The phono cartridge that doesn't compromise any modern record.

Choosing an AT15Sa can add more listening pleasure per dollar than almost anything else in your hi-fi system. First, because it is one of our UNIVERSAL phono cartridges. Ideally suited for every record of today: mono, stereo, matrix or discrete 4-channel. And look at what you get.

Uniform response from 5 to 45,000 Hz. Proof of audible performance is on an individually-run curve, packed with every cartridge.

Stereo separation is outstanding. Not only at 1 kHz (where everyone is pretty good) but also at 10 kHz and above (where others fail). It's a result of our exclusive Dual Magnet design that uses an individual low-mass magnet for each side of the record groove.

Logical, simple and very effective.

Now, add up the benefits of a genuine Shibata stylus. It's truly the stylus of the future, and a major improvement over any elliptical stylus. The AT15Sa can track the highest recorded frequencies with ease, works in any good tone arm or player at reasonable settings (1-2 grams), yet sharply reduces record wear. Even compared to ellipticals tracking at a fraction of a gram. Your records will last longer, sound better.

Stress analysis photos show concentrated high pressure with elliptical stylus (left), reduced pressure, less groove distortion with Shibata stylus (right). The AT15Sa even helps improve the sound of old, worn records. Because the Shibata stylus uses parts of the groove wall probably untouched by other elliptical or spherical styli. And the AT15Sa Shibata stylus is mount ed on a thin-wall tapered tube, using a nude square-shank mounting. The result is less mass and greater precision than with common round-shank styli.

It all adds up to lower distortion and smoother response. Differences you can hear on every record you play.

Don't choose a cartridge by name or price alone. Listen. With all kinds of records. Then choose. The AT15Sa UNIVERSAL Audio-Technica cartridge. Anything less is a compromise.


AUDIO-TECHNICA U.S., NC., Dept. 27A 33 Shlawassee Ave., Fairlawn, Ohio, 44313, USA.

(Source: Audio magazine, Feb. 1977)

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