Micro-Acoustics cartridges (Oct. 1977)

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Presenting the $200 cartridge that costs $3000 to hear.

The Quest for Perfection. At $200, the Micro-Acoustics 530-mp offers the same patented direct-coupled transducing system as our other highly-praised stereo cartridges. The same twin-pivot design, for superior transient ability. The same dual-bearing construction, for outstanding tracking ability. The same built-in microcircuit. And, like the 2002-e, the same super-light beryllium cantilever and low-mass design. Plus more.

For those very few people whose pursuit of perfection overrides everything else, the 530 mp offers two subtle refinements not found on our other cartridges.

But the improvements these refinements provide can be realized only on a system representing, at the very least, an investment of $3,000 in turntable/tonearm, preamp, amplifier and speakers. And even then, only by individuals with the most discriminating ears. In other words, less than 2% of component high fidelity system owners.

---Graphic Recorder Plotting of individual 530 mp frequency response. ---V-groove Lapidary: Final polishing of stylus, mounted on beryllium shank.

An Analog Stylus. The new 530 rip features a Micro-Point playback stylus. It is an exact analog of our Micro-Point recording stylus. used to master over 500,000,000 of the world's best stereo discs this year. By replicating the recording stylus geometry, the 530-mp stylus provides optimum groove contact. The result is unsurpassed definition.

Individual Curve. Like our other cartridges, each 530 mp undergoes numerous demanding QC tests, monitored by sensitive electronic equipment. In addition, each 530-mp must run the gauntlet of further tests, culminating in an individual frequency response curve. After checking and initialing the curve (which is then packed with the unit), the senior quality inspector serializes the cartridge and approves it for shipment.

$3,000 Later. With all these refinements, however, the sonic difference between our top-rated 2002-e and the new 530-nip is admittedly very subtle. (In fact, for most applications, the 2002-e is all you'll probably ever need.) But if you've invested $3,000 or more in state-of-the art equipment, subtle differences are obviously important to you. Important enough to audition our 530-mp.

For more information and the name of your nearest dealer, please write or call: Micro-Acoustics Corporation, 8 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, NY 10523 (914) 592 7627. In Canada, H. Roy Gray, Ltd., Markham, Ont.


Micro-Acoustics -- "Because good tracking isn't enough."

(Source: Audio magazine, Oct. 1977)

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