InterSil D2Audio Class D Audio Modules

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InterSil D2Audio’s multi-channel digital amplifier module brings 90% high- efficiency sound to receivers, home theaters, and multi-room distributed audio systems. The compact amplifier modules are thinner, lighter, and run cooler than conventional Class-AB audio amplifiers. While Class-D amplifiers have been around for a while, especially in IC form, D2Audio has developed a switching amplifier that uses feedback to correct noise and distortion.

ABOVE: D2Audio block diagram.

Analog inputs are converted to 384kHz PWM, and the module can directly accept serial digital PCM audio at 44.1, 48, 96, and 192kHz. The PWM output from the power MOSFETs as well as the current delivered to the speaker is monitored and converted to digital signals that are applied to a patented DSP chip, which adjusts the PWM signal to correct for noise and distortion. This adaptive digital correction feedback results in THD+N as low as 0.05%, and power outputs from 100W to 2kW, comparable to conventional linear amplifiers.

One multi-channel, digital module allows up to a 7.1 receiver, amplifier, and DVD player to be combined into one slim box. The module reduces high-performance components to a single, simple, clean design. More over, the amplifier module has a unique intelligent digital control capability which can deliver innovative features and proprietary functions that are only limited by the imagination of the OEM manufacturer. The D2Audio modules are said to be the only switching amplifiers that are THX certified.

Rack mount, distributed audio amplifiers are traditionally large and heavy, with high heat dissipation. D2Audio digital amplifier modules diminish the heat and dramatically reduce the size and weight of bulky 16-channel receivers. Beyond the aesthetics, multi- room distributed audio designers can implement any number of the added features provided by the D2Audio intelligent module. The company provides a graphical development environment called Audio Canvas that OEM designers can use to customize the DSP control chip functions.

The latest trend in speakers is to install the amplifier inside the cabinet for networked audio. D2Audio modules increase the power capabilities of these new speakers by generating tremendous power in a small pack age. Wired and wireless networked speakers can benefit from lower distortion with D2Audio pure digital inputs.


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