Audio-Technica microphones (1977 Audio magazine ad)

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Audio-Technica announces a creative new start toward better sound.

AT811 Electret Condenser Cardioid

AT812 Moving Coil Dynamic Cardioid

AT813 Electret Condenser Cardioid

AT801 Electret Condenser Omnidirectional

AT802 Moving Coil Dynamic Omnidirectional

Every "live" recording has an excitement all its own. You must capture sound that will never be heard exactly the same again. And in some cases the recording is literally a once-in-a-lifetime chance. With no opportunity to remake the tape or disc.

Your creativity, your knowledge and experience are on the line. Now is when you appreciate the precision of Audio-Technica microphones. Performance is consistent.

With results that help you extend your personal standards.

Audio-Technica gives you a choice of superb new electret condenser or moving coil dynamic microphones. A choice of omnidirectional or Cardioid (unidirectional) pickup patterns. With smooth, extended response that complements the finest recorders. Audio-Technica microphones look, sound, and act very, very professional.

Add more than a little creative excitement in your life, with Audio-Technica microphones, today.

... Great sound. right from the start!

(Source: Audio magazine, Nov. 1977)

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