Dual 510 belt-drive turntable (Advertisement, April 1977)

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We'll let someone else tell you how good have our belt-drive turntables really are.


“in the same class with a number of more expensive products, including many of the direct -drive record players we have seen".

This quote from the Hirsch-Houck Labs' report in Stereo Review, refers to the Dual 510, a semi-automatic belt-drive turntable. Since direct-drive models (especially our own) are accepted as the standard of performance. Hirsch Houck s comparison is not to be taken lightly.

The 510 also benefits from comparison with other semi-automatic turntables. Dual's unique sensor locates the center 12-inch and 7-inch lead-in grooves for you. You don't have to guess where they are.

And there's no way to crop the tonearm accidentally -- the cue-control lifts it automatically al the end of play and supports it until you release it.

You might also compare the 510 with your present turntable, or any other you may be considering. When you do, keep in mind the 510's many other features and refinements described below. Your old records will sound netter, your new ones last longer.

Dual 510. Semi-automatic, single-play. True four-point gimbal tonearm suspension. Synchronous motor, precision-ground belt, unique Vario-pulley, dynamically-balanced platter 6% pitch-control, illuminated strobe. Lead-in groove sensor.

Cue-control viscous-damped in both directions. Less than $200.

Dual 502. Similar except less sensor, pitch-control and strobe. Less than $160.

Dual 1249, fully automatic, single-play: multi-play. Less than $280.

True tour-point gimbal centers and pivots the tonearm mass at intersection of horizontal and vertical axes. Tonearm is dynamically balances in all planes. The four needle-point pivots are first hardened. then honed, a process which produces microscopically smooth surfaces. The precision ball-bearing races are only 0.157 inch diameter.

Bearing friction: vertical, <0.007 gram: horizontal, <0.015 gram.

Stylus force, applied by long coiled spring around vertical pivot, remains perpendicular to record even if turntable is not level.

Unique Vario-pulley used in Dual’s three belt-drive models is precision-machined for perfect concentricity and balance. Speeds are adjusted by expansion and contraction of pulley circumference belt is never twisted or distorted.

Specifications (DIN B): Rumble >63dB: View and flutter, <±0.05%.

United Audio Products, 120 So. Columbus Ave., Mt. Vernon. N.Y. 10553

(Source: Audio magazine, April 1977 )

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