Technics SL series turntables (Advertisement, Sept. 1978)

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Who needs the accuracy of Technics quartz-locked, direct-drive turntables? Professionals do. That's why radio stations use them and discos abuse them.

Now you can get all the accuracy of our professional turntables with the SL-1301 fully automatic and the SL-1431 semi-automatic, our new quartz locked, direct-drive turntables. Accuracy like wow and flutter of only 0.025% WRMS, rumple of -78 dB (DIN B) and speed drift within 0.002%. That's professional accuracy.

How did our engineers achieve it? They started with a Technics hetero-pole, direct-drive motor.

Next, they combined the functions of over 1,100 discrete circuit components into 3 IC chips, the same IC's found in our professional turntables. In one of these IC's you'll find the most reliable speed-reference device ever used in a turntable: A frequency generator quartz oscillator.

To dramatically reduce annoying acoustic feedback, both the SL-1301 and SL-1401 take advantage of Technics unique double isolated suspension system. One suspension damps out vibration from the base while the other absorbs vibrations from the platter and tonearm.

At the same time, Technics computer-analyzed, gimbal suspended S-shaped tonearm reduces friction to a mere 7 mg while it greatly increases tracking sensitivity.

The SL-1301 and the SL-1401. Both give you the accuracy of our professional turntables. With one big difference, the price.

Technics--There are few differences between our professional turntables and these quartz-locked turntables.

Accuracy isn't one of them.

(Source: Audio magazine, Sept. 197 )

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