Technics SL-1400 direct-drive turntable (Advertisement, April 1977)

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Technics introduces a 321 element IC or, in plain English, more torque.

It's in the SL-1400, Technics' semi-automatic direct drive turntable. With our latest advance: The one-chip 321 element IC with three high-capacity power transistors. Those 321 elements translate to one reason why the SL -1400 will reach the exact playing speed within 1/3 of a revolution at 33 1/3 RPM. That's torque.

Direct Drive System (motor cross section)

But equally important, the SL-1400 has the Technics direct-drive system.

The same system radio stations use.

And discos abuse.

Professionals prefer our direct -drive system for the same reasons you will. Like inaudible WOW and flutter (0.03% WRMS). Because with our system the platter is part of the motor. So there aren't any belts, gears or idlers to produce speed variations.

You won't hear any rumble, either. Because our DC motor introduces so little vibration into the system that rumble remains inaudible (-70dB DIN B). And load changes in AC line voltage or frequency won't affect turntable speed. The reason: A frequency generator servo control. But direct drive isn't all the SL-1400 has going for it. For outstanding low tricking error, there's an ultra -sensitive gimbal suspended tone arm. With an effective pivot-to-stylus length of 9 1/6". And all you do is place the stylus on the record and the SL-1400 does the rest. From auto cut. To auto return. To auto shutoff.

You'll also get one anti-skating adjustment for all types of styli. Variable pitch controls. An easy-view stroboscope.

Viscous-damped cueing. Feedback insulated legs. As well as a hinged detachable dust cover and integral base.

So get the SL-1400. And get the precision of Technics direct drive. The convenience of semi -automatic operation. And the advantage of increased torque.

Technics by Panasonic

(Source: Audio magazine, April 1977 )

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