Laboratory-grade evaluations of CD, SA-CD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, WMV-HD software and hardware

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We use two independent audio-video systems to evaluate the audio/video quality of CDs, SA-CDs, DVD-As, DVD-V's and hardware components:


  • Perform the 16x9 Squeeze on a computer monitor for better picture fidelity! Many home TVs and displays -- whether they are rectangular HDTV 16x9 or regular 4x3 -- can automatically or manually (using a "16x9 mode" option) perform the "squeeze" necessary to pump out the extra resolution from anamorphic ("enhanced for 16x9") program material -- an option many DVDs use. But no software-based PC DVD player (e.g. Win DVD or Power DVD), thus far, has a feature where it "communicates" with monitor to perform a voltage-based anamorphic (16x9) squeeze on 4x3 computer monitors or even 16x9 monitors (the squeeze is necessary on 16x9 monitors for programs wider than 1.78:1 -- example: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and most Hollywood films).

Coming Soon: An article on adjusting grayscale and color temperature without resorting to a "professional":

Forget "CEDIA Certified professionals"! Calibrate grayscale and color temperature yourself! You don't need to spend the big bucks on having a tv or monitor "professionally" calibrated any more. Do it yourself for under $200. Benefits: you learn valuable science and engineering skills in the field of video calibration, you get to keep the equipment, and you don't have to make an over-paid AV outfit-owners' boat payments.

image from upcoming article
Above: An image from the upcoming article on adjusting grayscale and color temperature on your TV and/or monitor.

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