JBL L166 speaker system (Ad, Dec. 1976)

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You know what you get for your 5800? Nothing.

JBL's new L166 doesn't add anything to the music. It doesn't take anything away. That's what all the excitement's about.

It's the most accurate loudspeaker JBL has ever made, and that makes it pretty good. Half our business is with recording studios and professional musicians who live in a hundred decibel, twenty kiloHertz, twenty-four track world where accuracy isn't a standard; it's an obsession.

JBLS 066 Hemispherical Radiator has an extremely hard dome surface that won't buckle or shatter when its hit with a high, hard transient. And-as if that weren't enough-there's a unique integral baffle that:

1) restricts the radiating surface and

2) creates a natural damping, eliminating the resonant tones.

Result? Pure sound, dispersed 150° horizontal and vertical at 20 kiloHertz.

Most low frequency cones have always needed a final dose of paint or putty or luck to balance their weight and rigidity with their magnet strength and cabinet size.

Until today.

JBL's Mass Controlling Ring: Perfect balance. Perfect bass response. Every time.

There are four reasons to hear the L166:

One, a new, one-of-a-kind dome tweeter. It can handle all the highs your amplifier can throw at it and deliver them to any corner of a room. Like a drumstick and a cymbal. Stand anywhere and witness the crash.

Two, an exclusive, new low frequency transducer. It has the tightest, cleanest bass you've ever heard, all the way down, down -- down to the lowest audible note.

(Ask the L166 to play an amplified cello, an organ pedal, a kickdrum.

Nice.) Three, a new grille material.

It's not just another pretty face.

Through it pass the purest highs ever heard. It's the most acoustically transparent grille ever created.

Let your JBL dealer explain the first three reasons. We'll explain the fourth. It's JBL. JBL has been at this for more than thirty years, and one thing we've learned to make with the greatest care is a promise.

Promise: If you haven't heard JBL's L166, you haven't heard nothing.

JBL -- James B. Lansing Sound, Inc., 8500 Balboa Blvd., Northridge, Calif. 91329

(Source: Audio magazine, Dec. 1976)

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