Audio-Technica AT15SS phono cartridge (ad, Mar. 1979)

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Announcing four tiny advances with room-filling benefits!

In the tiny world of the stereo cartridge, microscopic differences in dimensions are all-important. Which is why the extremely low moving mass of the new AT15SS is a major achievement in stereo technology.

For instance, to the best of our knowledge our new stylus is the smallest whole diamond used in series production. In cross-section, it's 36% smaller than our best previous model. It is also nude-mounted to further reduce mass at the record surface. And the square-shank design insures exact alignment with groove modulations.

All this is so small you'll need a microscope like the one above used by many A-T dealers to see the details.

If you look very closely you'll also see we've slightly revised the contour of the Shibata tip. The combination of mini mum mass and new contour which we call Shibata + offers outstanding stereo reproduction, especially of the latest high level recordings.

But there's more. Extremely low distortion results from a new ultra-rigid Beryllium cantilever which transmits stylus movement without flexing. And flatter response plus better tracking is achieved by a new method of mounting our tiny Dual Magnets to further minimize moving mass.

Four tiny differences, yes. But listen to the new AT15SS or the hand-selected AT20SS for ultra-critical listening. You'll find out that less is more. At your Audio-Technica dealer now.

Note: If you own a current AT15Sa or AT20SLa, you can simply replace your present stylus assembly with a new "SS" stylus assembly to bring your phono system up to date.

Model AT15SS -- $200.00; Model AT20SS -- $250.00


AUDIO-TECHNICA U.S., INC., Dept. 39A-1, 33 Shiawassee Avenue, Fairlawn, Ohio 44313

(Source: Audio magazine, Mar 1979)

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