Audio-Technica AT25 stereo phono cartridge (advertisement, May 1979)

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We've just improved every record you own.

Bold, creative new technology sets new standards for clarity, dynamic range, and stereo separation.

Of course the new AT25 doesn't look like other stereo phono cartridges. It's entirely different. And not just on the outside. We've rethought every detail of design and construction. All in the interest of the smoothest, cleanest sound you've ever heard. The AT25 frequency response is utterly uniform. Definition and stereo separation are remarkable.

Dynamic range is awesome. Even the most demanding digital and direct-to-disc records are more spectacular, more musically revealing.

But set our claims aside and listen.

The AT25 is unexcelled for transparency and clean, effortless transient response.

Individual instruments are heard crisply, without stridency even at extremely high levels. Even surface noise is less apparent.

The cutaway view shows you how we do it. Start with the coils. Just two, hand-wound in a toroidal (doughnut) shape. A unique shape which cuts losses, reduces inductance, and lowers impedance. The coils are wound on laminated one-piece cores which also serve as pole pieces. Again, losses are lower. Eddy current effect is also reduced. Which all adds up to superior transient response.

It's like having the electrical performance of the finest moving coil designs, but with the high output of a moving magnet. The best of both worlds! Each magnetic system is completely independent. No common circuits. We even add a mu-metal shield between the coils to insure no leakage between channels. Which results in stereo separation which must be heard to be believed.

But there's more. An entirely new stylus assembly with one of the smallest whole diamond styli in series production. Only 0.09mm in cross section and almost invisible. It's nude-mounted and square-shank to insure exact alignment with the groove. And it's set in a Beryllium cantilever that eliminates flexing.

Instead of snapping into place, this stylus assembly is held rigidly to a precisely machined surface with a small set screw. A small detail which insures perfect alignment, no spurious resonances, and simple stylus replacement.

We treat cartridge shell resonances too, with special damping material applied to the top of the unique plug-in shell. The magnesium shell even has a calibrated adjustment for stylus over hang to insure perfect installation.

The many technical differences between the new AT25 and every other stereo cartridge are fascinating ... and significant. But the real difference is in the resulting sound. It's almost as if you had plugged your stereo system directly into the studio console. Every subtlety of artistic expression is intact, no matter how complex-or simple-the music, no matter how loud-or soft-the performance. It's as though a subtle harrier had been removed adding clarity and presence to every record you own.

A cartridge of this sophistication and high quality cannot be produced quickly. Initially the AT25 may be in short supply. But your patience will be rewarded with performance which will send you back through your record library to discover nuances you never suspected to hear. And you'll eagerly await the sonic splendors of tomorrow's digital recording techniques.

This outstanding performance is now available two ways: the direct plug-in AT25 and the standard- mount AT24. Either one will make every other component you own sound better, including your records!

above: Model AT25 Unitized Headshell/Dual Magnet Stereo Phono Cartridge $275; Model AT24 Dual Magnet. Stereo Phono Cartridge $250


AUDIO-TECHNICA U.S. INC. Dept 59A. 33 Shiawassee Avenue. Fairlawn, Ohio 44313, USA.

(Audio magazine, May 1979)

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