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Let's open the broad topic of Industrial Electricity with Open and Closed-Loop Feedback Systems...

On this topic, we will explain:

  1. The difference between open-loop and closed-loop systems.
  2. The terms gain, reset, and rate.
  3. The terms proportional, integral, and derivative.
  4. The term differential gap (dead band) as it refers to an on-off controller.
  5. The term bump.
  6. How a controller that uses proportional only (P only) will respond.
  7. How a controller that uses proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) will respond.
  8. The term bias (offset) and how it's used to help the P-only controller.
  9. The term proportional band.
  10. The operation of a ratio control system for an on-off heating contactor.
  11. How a loop is tuned.
  12. How you'd determine the proper value of gain, reset, and rate for a new closed-loop system.
  13. The function of process alarms.
  14. The function of deviation alarms.

We will present:

  1. A block diagram for a typical servo (feedback) system and identify the setpoint (SP), process variable (PV), error, summing junction, controller amp, and output (final control element).

We will discuss:

  1. The difference between manual mode and automatic mode.
  2. The term bumpless transfer.
  3.

Field Guide to Industrial Electrical Gear

Lenze Servo Drives
above: Lenze Servo Drive

above: Low Voltage Motor Control Center

above: Motor control center solutions incorporating AC Drives. These drives include a wide range of horsepower ratings, enclosure choices and standard/optional features.

Schneider's Model 6 Motor Control Centers with 18-Pulse Drives: The Model 6 Motor Control Center with 18-Pulse Drive is specifically designed for installations specifying clean power, low-harmonic content in compliance with IEEE 519 guidelines for harmonic mitigation.

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