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We have moved in!! "Measurement-Testing.com" existed as its own independent site (2005-2015); we created it concurrently with several other engineering/technical sites. It now exists completely and conveniently within the parent site, industrial-electronics .com!

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) (Byte magazine, Jan. 1981)

The Laboratory Guide: Materials, Equipment, and Techniques

ESD Testing : From Components to Systems

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)--A complete guide

Guide to RF Circuit Electronic Design

Electrical / Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation

Signal Generators -- Applications and Use

Guide to Medical Diagnostic Instruments

EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) -- Principles and Techniques

Fundamentals of Applied EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Fundamentals of Electrical Transmission / Distribution -- Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) (Section 20 of our "Electrical Transmission / Distribution" series on industrial-electronics.com)

Guide to Air Sampling, Air Monitoring and Industrial Hygiene Engineering -- topics include: 1. Air--Pollution, Measurement. 2. Industrial hygiene. 3. Air-sampling apparatus.

Quick Guide to Measurement & Control -- Condensed coverage of process-control/Instruments and measuring instruments.

Guide to Linear Electronics: Low frequency oscillators and waveform generators •  Tuned circuits •  High frequency amplifiers  •  High frequency oscillators  •  Radio receiver circuitry  •  Power supply systems  •  Noise and hum  •  Test and measurement equipment

Guide to High-Speed Digital System Design -- Interconnect Theory and Design Practices

Guide to Electronic Testing -- Current tests  •  Component tests  •   more...

Health concerns and electromagnetic fields (EMF) ... and related topics in The Guide to Basic Electronics Theory

A Mains Analyzer: How Clean Is Your Electric Power?

Basics of Measurement + Control: Introduction -- What The HELL is Measurement and Control?; How to Calibrate

Ultimate Electrical Engineer's Guide: Path to Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Industrial Electricians Standard Guide to Electricity -- Measuring Instruments

Guide to Electronics/Electrical Servicing -- How to test + measure electronics

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VSD motors and Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) (part 1, part 2)

Idiots Guide to Measurement and Instrumentation:

Fundamentals of Measurement Systems ----- Instrument Types and Performance Characteristics ---- Measurement Uncertainty ----- Calibration of Measuring Sensors and Instruments ----- Electrical Indicating and Test Instruments ----- Display, Recording, and Presentation of Measurement Data ----- Temperature Measurement ----- Pressure Sensors and Measurements ----- Flow Measurement ----- Mass, Force, and Torque ----- Translational Motion, Vibration, and Shock Measurement

Fundamentals of Diagnostic and Clinical Chemistry -- Lab Safety + Regulations ----- more...

Advanced Elec. Installations -- Inspection, Testing and Commissioning -- Electrical Testing (pt. 1), (pt. 2)

Guide to Building Better Antennas: Antenna basics - Wire, connection, grounds, etc. - Simple antenna instrumentation and measurements - Getting a good antenna ground - more...

EMC for Dummies: Guide Index ----- Intro to EMC -----

EMI Shielding Guide: Components + Installation ----- EMI Shielding: Design Guidelines

Switching-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS):

Switching Power Supplies -- more articles :

Ultimate Guide to Sound Absorption

Ultimate Guide to Mechanical System Noise and Vibrations

Ultimate Guide to Room Acoustics

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Architectural Acoustics

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EMC Testing | Environmental Testing | Vibration Testing