JBL L150 speaker system (Ad, Aug. 1979)

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JBL's new L150 takes you deeper into the low frequencies of music without taking you deeper into your budget.

This short-tower, floor standing loudspeaker system produces bass with depth, power and transparency that comes incredibly close to a live performance.

A completely new 12" driver was created for the L150. It has an innovative magnetic assembly, the result of years of research at JBL. It uses a stiff, heavy cone that's been coated with an exclusive damping formulation for optimum mass and density.

And it has an unusually large 3" voice coil, which aids the L150's efficiency and its ability to respond to transients (peaks, climaxes and sudden spurts) in music.

There's even more to the L150's bottom--a 12" passive radiator. It looks like a driver but it's not. We use it to replace a large volume of air and contribute to the production of true, deep bass. Bass without boom.

If you're impressed with the L150's lows, you'll be equally impressed with its highs and mids.

Its powerful 1" high-frequency dome radiator provides wide dispersion throughout its range. And a 5" midrange transducer handles high volume levels without distorting.

The maximum power recommended is 300 watts per channel.

The L150's other attributes include typical JBL accuracy-the kind that recording professionals rely on. Maximum power/flat frequency response. High efficiency. And extraordinary time/ phase accuracy.

Before you believe that you can't afford a floor system, listen to an L150. While its bottom is tops, its price isn't.

James B. Lansing Sound, Inc.,

8500 Balboa Boulevard,

Northridge, CA 91329, USA


(Source: Audio magazine, Aug. 1979)

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