Micro Seiki turntables (ad, Feb. 1981)

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The "best" turntable is more than just the assembly of the best tonearm, base and motor. Since individual components must interact with each other, the "best" turntable is one composed of great features designed to work together for the "best" result.

At Micro Seiki, we call it Total Musical Performance, and each of our turntables is designed and constructed as a completely integrated system with the elements best suited for that particular table.

Micro Seiki-the world's most complete line of turntables, tonearms and accessories... and every one is the "best."


Distributed by Scientific Audio Electronics, Inc., P.O. Box 60271, Terminal Annex, Los Angeles, California 90060

Telex--674061 SAE USA

(Source: Audio magazine, Feb. 1981)

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