Transistor AF and RF Circuits (1965) -- Article Index and Intro

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Audio-Frequency Amplifiers

Oscillators, Converters, Mixers

Transmitters and Receivers

Modulators and I-F Amplifiers

Miscellaneous Circuits

Schematics and descriptions of over 100 transistorized circuits for r-f and audio applications.

This guide ias based on the 1965 Sams book by Allan Lytel.

The use of semiconductors in electronic circuits has. and still is, growing at a rapid rate. Experimenters and hobbyists are continuously looking for transistor circuits to construct.

This guide is a compilation of many r-f and audio circuits using transistors. In each of the five sections of the guide, you will find schematics, parts lists, and discussions of operation of many of the circuits. In addition, an introductory section provides general information on the construction of the circuits and includes a table of parts manufacturers.

Acknowledgment must be given to the following manufacturers who supplied much of the data from which this guide was prepared: Amperex Electronic Corp.; CBS Electronic Division, CBS, Inc.; Delco Radio Div.; Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.; General Electric Co.; General Motors Corp.; Motorola Semiconductor Products; Nucleonic Products Co., Inc.; Pacific Semiconductor, Inc.; Radio Corporation of America; and Texas Instruments. Inc.

ALLAN LYTEL; January, 1965

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