Electronic Shop Tips (1962 Guide): Contents and Introduction

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0. Contents and Introduction (this page)

1. Tools

2. Tv / Radio

3. Cheater cords

4. Components and tubes

5. Soldering

6. Testing

7. Bench aids

8. Audio

9. Cathode-ray tubes


The successful practice of electronics, for business or pleasure, requires a knowledge of both theory and practical know-how. This volume focuses its attention exclusively on the practical aspect of working with electronics at the bench and in the field.

There is no substitute for experience, says the old adage, and our purpose here is to present the shop hints, the shortcuts, and the time and work-saving ideas based on the practical experience of many professional electronic technicians. These hints were selected from among those submitted to and published by ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN magazine. Some are prosaic, even obvious; others show a high degree of ingenuity. Some dig into the innards of electronic equipment, while others deal with simple nuts and bolts. Some will keep you from gnashing your teeth when on occasion you run into that really tricky problem. Others will save you a few minutes every day.

Not everyone can use all these shop hints. However, these ideas were developed because solutions were needed to meet actual problems encountered in electronic shops. So we feel certain that some goodly number «ill be an answer to numerous problems you have encountered, or will encounter.

Our sincerest appreciation to the many electronic technician readers who had the resourcefulness to develop these shop hints, and the generosity to share their know-how with others.

The Authors

April 1962

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