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1. Review of Oscillation Principles

2. Basic Quartz Crystal Oscillator

3. Crystal Techniques

4. Popular Crystal Oscillator Circuits

5. Harmonic and Overtone Crystal Oscillator Circuits

About this Guide

The study of oscillators is an integral part of every curriculum in electronics. One of the subdivisions is the study of crystals and crystal oscillators. In spite of its importance and complexity, the topic is rarely given extended treatment in textbooks. The value of the topic stems from constant use of the crystal oscillator in amateur, commercial, and military applications. The concepts necessary to the study of this important subject have been selected for this guide.

Every effort has been made to make this work as comprehensive as possible. Included are descriptions of the nature of the piezo electric field; of the characteristics of crystal elements and mounting methods; of the equivalent circuit characteristics of crystal units; and analyses of basic piezo-electric oscillator principles and circuit parameters.

The organization and treatment used in the guide have been arranged to help the student follow each important item. The analysis of each of the topics presented is given in sufficient detail to assist the advanced student or practicing engineer to review the fundamental constants and basic applications to his advantage.

With this idea in mind, all of the basic types of crystal oscillators have been treated in considerable detail.

Crystals and crystal oscillators play an important role in thou sands of circuits developed and utilized each year. It would obviously be impossible to list and catalog all of the possible applications in a work of this size. The illustrative circuits shown herein were chosen for their simplicity and relative importance.

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