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Front cover: Blind people will soon be able to' read' or listen to instant digital versions of daily newspapers if a new system unveiled at the Royal Institute for the Blind (RNIB) in London i successful. The Institute's technology department is testing a system that gives blind people access to daily news within hours of publication. At present they must wait for weekly extracts on cassette tape or ask relatives or friends to read the newspaper to them. In a trial project with The Guardian, text is transmitted over the television network and received in the homes of blind people with access through an authorized screen decoder card in a personal computer. This allows them to 'read' the latest news with the use of a speech synthesizer, as shown, or a transient braille display. The latter option is particularly useful to deaf-blind people whose access to any kind of information is very restricted.

October 1990 -- Volume 1, Number 1

A Hand Up For Hands-On

Electronics Scene: Four-Channel Digital Delay / Pulse Generator

Negative Resistance

In Quest of a Pangram

Speed Control For 3-Phase Motors

Measurement Techniques (1)

Intermediate Project--Phase Meter

400-Watt Laboratory Power Supply Part 1: Circuit Description

Medium Power A.F. Amplifier

Dubbing Mixer Ev7000 Part 1: Connection and Circuit Description


Old Colony Sound Lab -- J. Gordon Holt

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