Elektor 303 DIY Circuit Projects (1988)--Contents and Intro




1. Audio & hi-fi

2. Cars & bicycles

3. Computers & microprocessors

4. Design ideas

5. Electro-phonics

6. HF & VHF

7. Hobbies & pastimes

8. Home & garden

9. Power supplies

10. Test & measurement

11. TV & video

303 CIRCUITS is the latest [ca. 1988] in Elektor Electronics' well-liked series or books for the electronic enthusiast, professional or amateur alike. Like its predecessors, it offers a comprehensive collection of practical ideas. concept, and day., mans in the gamut of electronics.

Unlike its predecessor, 303 CIRCUITS is arranged in 11 subject sections to make it easier for the reader to find that long-sought circuit.

In well over 300 page, 303 CIRCUITS offers ...

32 Audio and Hi-Fi projects; 14 circuits for Cars & Bicycles; 43 Computer & Microprocessor circuits; 11 Electra-phonics projects; 24 HF & VHF circuit; 16 circuits for a number of hobbies & pastimes; 54 projects for Home & Garden; 29 Power Supply circuits; 29 circuits for Test & Measurement equipment; 9 TV & Video projects; as well as 42 Design Ideas


The electronic projects in this book are, to the best of the author's knowledge and belief, both accurately described and safe.

Nonetheless, great care must always be taken when assembling electronic circuits which carry mains voltage, and neither the publishers nor the author can accept responsibility for any accidents which may occur.

Because electricity is dangerous, its use, application and transmission are subject to rules, regulations and guidance. These are laid down in numerous laws, Electricity Generating Board regulations, British, European and USA Standards, and NEC and IEEE recommendations. Some of these may be obtained from your local electricity showroom, but most, if not all, should be available for reference in your local library.

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