RCA Solid-State Hobby Circuits Manual (1968)--Article Index



1. Theory and Operation of Solid-State Devices

Semiconductor materials, p-n junctions, current flow, silicon rectifiers, bipolar transistors, MOS field effect transistors, thyristors ( SCR's and triacs ), integrated circuits, thermistors, photocells.

2. General Circuit Considerations

Description of the basic circuits used in combination to produce the majority of circuits in the Manual: amplifiers, oscillators, switches, lamp driver.

3. Mechanical Considerations

Basic construction practices, safety precautions, materials, chassis preparation, soldering, chassis circuit-board wiring, heat sinks, grounding; special handling considerations for transistors, integrated circuits, thermistors, and photocells.

4. Testing and Troubleshooting

Basic procedures, test circuits for active circuit components, description of professional testing instruments.

5. Suggested Circuit Uses

Grouping of the circuits into hobby categories: motorist, radio amateur, photographer, music lover, and home owner. Game and novelty circuits are also included.

6. Circuits

Description of operation, adjustment, special pre cautions required, and construction for each of the 35 practical circuits.

7. Drilling Templates

Index (not included)

8. List of Circuits---Inside Back Cover


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This Manual presents many practical and useful solid-state circuits which can be built by electronics hobbyists ranging from beginners to experts. The operation of each circuit is described in detail, and photographs, schematic diagrams, parts lists, and construction layouts are given. A guide to circuits by area of interest (e.g., amateur radio, photography, audio, etc.) is included to permit easy selection of the most useful circuits for specific applications.

The Manual includes brief descriptions of the theory and operation of the semiconductor devices used in the various circuits (silicon rectifiers, transistors, field-effect transistors, thyristors, and integrated circuits), and of the basic circuit "building blocks" employed. Sections containing construction tips and information on tools required, soldering techniques, testing, and trouble shooting are also included.

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Printed in U.S.A. 6/68

Illustrations of a few useful applications of some of the mans circuits in the Manual.


Also see: Handbook of Power Resistors (1959)

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