How To Understand and Use TV Test Instruments (1953)--Article Index and Intro

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1 The Vacuum-Tube Voltmeter

2 AM Signal Generators

3 Sweep Signal Generators

4 The Oscilloscope

5 Special Television Test Instruments

6 Television and FM Receiver Alignments

7 Use of Test Instruments in TV Servicing


A test instrument is the serviceman's best friend. Properly applied, it will tell him when a set is defective, why it is defective, and even where it is defective. But like every other friendship, a certain amount of mutual understanding must exist.

In this instance, since the instrument cannot think for itself, it must rely on its service companion to do its thinking for it. An instrument will do great things if it is permitted to do so; it will do little or nothing, and may even confuse, if it is not properly understood.

It is the purpose of this guide to promote a full understanding between test instruments and their service friends in the conviction that from such an understanding will arise a more alert, a more aggressive, and a more successful service industry.

January, 1953; Milton S. Kiver


To further enhance the usability of this, the second printing, of "How to Understand and Use TV Test Instruments", full page size illustrations of test equipments referred to in the text material have been included. Specific features of these popularly employed instruments will be more readily apparent.

Text material remains identical to that of the first printing.

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