How to Troubleshoot and Repair Electronic Circuits--Introduction and Contents



  1. Color TV Tuners
  2. TV Remote Control Systems
  3. Color TV Circuits
  4. Black and White TV Circuits
  5. AM/FM Stereo Tuners and Amplifiers
  6. Electronic Video Game Circuits
  7. Tape Deck Electronics
  8. Scanners
  9. Digital Clock Readouts
  10. Video Tape Recorder (VCR) Circuits
  11. Unique Circuits Found in Laser Video Disc Players
  12. Introduction to Microcomputer Systems and Microprocessors

In this guide you will find selected electronic circuits, ways to troubleshoot them, and known component failures. Some actual case-history problems will also be given. In some TV circuits a photo of the picture symptoms will be provided. Voltage, resistance, and oscilloscope waveforms will be included where applicable.

Included in this guide you will find tube type, transistor, IC, microprocessor, analog and digital logic circuits for various consumer electronic devices. Old and new circuits will be found along with the types of electronic equipment in which the circuits are found.

The electronic circuit reference data in this guide will give you up-to-date troubleshooting and theory of operation information to assist you in keeping on top of today's advanced space age electronic systems.

In all, 30 years [as of March 1981] of electronic troubleshooting experience and know how has been collected and presented in this reference guide for your convenience and enlightenment.

I wish to thank the following Electronics Companies and their personnel for all of the technical information and circuit diagrams that they furnished for this guide.

Sylvania - GTE

Magnavox Corp.

Radio Shack - Dave Gunzel

Sencore, Inc. - Mr Bowden and Greg Carey

RCA/Consumer Electronics

General Electric Co.

Quasar Electronics - Charlie Howard

Sony Corporation of America - Howard L. Katz


B & K Dynascan Corp. - Myren E. Bond

Zenith Radio Corp. -James F. White

Continental Specialities Corp.

The Electra Company - Bearcat Scanners

The Heath Company

NOTE: This guide is adapted from TAB book, HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT a REPAIR ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS, by Robert L. Goodman

Also see: Guide to using Audio Test Equipment

Radio Service Training Manual (1966)

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