The Professional Technician's Guide to Solid-State Servicing (1972) -- Contents and Intro



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1. Transistor Characteristics Important to Servicing

2. How Component Defects Affect The Operation of Transistor Circuits

3. Field-Effect Transistors-Operation, Applications And Testing

4. Rectifier Diodes-Operation, Applications And Testing

5. Zener Diodes-Operation, Testing And Replacement

6. SCR's And Triacs-Operation And Testing

7 Integrated Circuits In TV-Construction, Applications And Testing

8. Quick Testing of Transistors Using The Scope and Ohmmeter

9. Checking Transistors With The In-Circuit Transistor Tester

10. Testing Transistors, Diodes, FET's And SCR's With The Curve Tracer

11. Transistor Substitution--Important Characteristics

12. Servicing Solid-State TV

13. Servicing Solid-State Audio Circuits


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A to-the-point presentation of the information electronic technicians need to proficiently service solid-state circuitry. Included are concise, but thorough, explanations of how semiconductor devices function, their important service-related characteristics, their typical applications in consumer electronic products, and proven methods of testing them in and out of circuit.

Edited by the publishers of Electronic Servicing magazine

The Professional Technician's Guide to Solid-State Servicing

Material for this book has been adapted from a series of articles published in Electronic Servicing magazine.

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