Coil Design and Construction Manual -- How to make your own RF and AF coils, chokes and transformers (article index)




SECTION 1 Radio frequency coil types and characteristics

SECTION 2 The design and construction of R.F. coils

SECTION 3 The design and construction of H.F. chokes

SECTION 4 The design and construction of power transformers

SECTION 5 The design and construction of low frequency chokes


SECTION 1 Chokes carrying direct current

SECTION 2 Inter-valve (tube) transformers carrying direct current

SECTION 3 Output transformers for single valves (tubes)

SECTION 4 Air gap determination

SECTION 5 Push-pull output and loudspeaker transformers

SECTION 6 Input transformers (parallel fed)

SECTION 7 Push-pull Inter-valve (tube) transformers

SECTION 8 Construction details

SECTION 9 Methods of testing

SECTION 10 Calculation of wire gauge

SWG tables

Television Coil Data

Copper Wire Comparison Tables

Metric Copper Wire Tables

U.S.A. Copper Wire Tables

Complete SWG Wire Tables

Resistance Wire Data


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