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Jul. 1963


Advances in Electron Microscopy

Semiconductor Strain Gages

"Delcotronic" Transistor Ignition System

VHF marine Radiotelephony

AC Negative Resistance Devices

The Operational Amplifier--Part 1

The Many Uses of Solder

Test Equipment Product Report

Silkscreen Printing for Panels

Transistor Voltage Regulator

Effects of Radiation on Electronic Components

New Connectors and Techniques



Aug. 1963


Direct-Reading Instruments

The Instrument Calibration and Repair

Naval Observatory Time Signals

Signal-Generating Equipment

Detection of Nuclear Radiation by Semiconductors

Calibrating Test Equipment

The Operational Amplifier--Part 2

Cathode-Ray Oscilloscopes

Dec. 1963


Electronic Instrumentation for Oil Exploration

Simple Tests For Semiconductors

QUANTUM DEVICES / how they work

Test Equipment Product Report

Case of the Bad Bypass

Technical Personnel Shortage


Cleveland Institute of Electronics

Grantham School of Electronics

RCA Institutes

Aug. 1964


Floating Spacecraft Tracking Stations

Frequency & Time Standards

Meter Beading Conversion Nomograms

Units and Standards of Electrical Measure

Data Flow in Digital Computers

New Approach to High-Frequency Measurements

High-Stability Crystal Frequency Standards

The Gate Turnoff Controlled Rectifier

New Look In Microwaves

Simple Transistor Tests

Measuring Filament Voltage

Test Equipment Product Report


RCA Institutes, Inc.

Mar. 1966


The Orbiting Astronomical Observatory (OAO)

Meter-Relay Devices

Functional Designing

Using New Low-Cost Integrated Circuits

Non-Destructive Testing

Electronics in the Hospital

Test Equipment Product Report

Measuring Length With a Laser

Power-Line Spike Absorber

Square-wave Testing



Oct. 1967:


Infrared Telemetry

Pipe And Leak Locating (Jon Frye)

Variable Low-Voltage Power Supply

Special Section: SWITCHES

Test Equipment Product Report:

Hewlett-Packard Models 6215A and 6217A D.C. Power Supplies

Seco Model 260 Transistor Analyzer

Sencore Model CR143 CRT Tester and Rejuvenator



Apr. 1968



Tuning in on Color


Special Section--POWER SUPPLIES:


RCA Institutes

Hewlett-Packard POWER SUPPLIES

CIE -- Cleveland Institute of Electronics

May 1971

ERTS--Satellites to Serve Man

How to Select a TV Antenna

Relaxation Oscillators--Old and New

Using Silicon Diode Rectifiers as Power Resistors

Spray Chemicals for Servicing / Q & A on Sprays

Classical Recording Techniques

All Those Electronic Chemicals

Signal-Averaging Techniques

Rationale of Troubleshooting

Precision Square-Wave Audio Generator

Jul. 1971

Zener Diode Voltage-Regulator Nomograms

Designing a Phase-Shift Oscillator

Technicians in Britain--In the U.K., Technician Engineers are Tops

Measuring Color-TV Generated X-Rays

Transistor Testers for Servicing

The Optoelectronic Revolution

Advertising A Service Business

Understanding Complex Waveforms

Sept. 1971

Which Computer--The Programmable Calculator?

Reliable Electronic Intrusion Alarm

Portable Sound Systems for Performers -- Part 2 -- Amplifiers & Loudspeakers

Electronics Helps fight Air Pollution

Air-Core Coil Nomogram

Automatic Railroad-Car Identification

Hand Tools for the Electronic Technician

Visual Aids in Servicing

Integrated Circuit Audio Generator


Power-Supply Improvement

Oct. 1971

Which Computer? -- The Minicomputer

Digitally-Controlled Power Supplies

General Purpose Power Supplies

Interstellar Communications--What are the prospects?

SCR Power Supplies

The Switching Regulator Power Supply

Electronic "Slide Rules"

Nov. 1971

Oscilloscopes for Servicing

Electronic Image Tubes in Astronomy

Nomogram for Power in Switching Transistors

Which Computer? -- Time-Sharing

Microelectronic Soldering

The Swan Song of Mechanical Weighing? by John Frye

Dec. 1971

Instrumentation Balloons Carry Electronic Payloads

Optical Communications with Semiconductor Light Sources

RC Time Constants in UJT Circuits

Animal Guidance Systems

Channel Electron Multipliers -- New Semiconductor Radiation Detectors

Zener Diodes & Voltage Regulator Design

Facsimile Via Telephone

Conductor Design with Thin-Film Insulated Aluminum

Understanding Digital Voltmeters (John Frye)

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