Computers and Electronics (classic USA print magazine)


Computers and Electronics--Experimenter's Handbook (1984)

Successful Soldering

Two Projects for Outdoor Use

The Optimized Graphic Equalizer

Build ‘LIDITH' -- A 3½-Digit Digital Thermometer

Curb "Fuelishness" with the Automotive Econometer

Power Supplies For Opamps

Vocal Zapper Makes You A 'Superstar’

CIE Cleveland Institute of Electronics, Inc. (ad)

Protect Your Property With A CMOS Guardian

Audio Time Delay System A Low-Cost, Analog Audio Delay Line

High-Speed Electronic Fuse

Do-It-Yourself Logic Chips

Cancel Rumble With This Bass-Summing Amplifier

Low-Cost Power Supplies Recycled AC Adapters

Alarm For Toxic Gases

Some Like It Hot (Component vs. temperature quiz)

How Many Hours are on Your PHONO STYLUS?

Pulse Amplitude Reference

A Wireless Idle Tachometer For Auto Tune-Ups

Simple Memory Addition For Training Converters

The LM 339--A Great Comparator

A Low-Cost Emergency Broadcast System Monitor

Build a Diode Temperature Probe

Measure Weak Direct Currents with the Sensitive Micro Meter

Two Low-Cost Automobile Projects

How Ordinary Oscilloscopes Can Display Multi-Channel Logic Signals

An Appliance "Off" Reminder

Using the 4060 as a Timer

The Electronics BOOK CLUB (ad)

Pocket-O-Scope (ad)

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