Popular Electronics (classic USA print magazine)


Popular Electronics--Electronic Experimenter's Handbook (1980a)

Computer Buying Tips

Getting Your System Up and Running

Perf Board Wiring Techniques for Experimenters

The Oscilloscope Graphic Artist

A BCB Loop Antenna for DX'ing

The "Bucket Brigade" Audio Delay

Build This Low-Cost Capacitance Meter

Build A Digital Camera Shutter Timer

Automatic Diode Checker

Measure RPM of Rotating Elements with the IC Photo Tachometer

Build the Audio Detective

Power-Failure Alarm

Designing Optimum-Q and Small Inductors

A Strobe Flasher for Night Cycling

A Power Nomograph

IC Multiplex Decoder Improves FM Performance

Quiz of Audio Basics

Build a Direct Reading Logic Probe

Talk Over A Sunbeam With A "Photophone"

A "Junk-Box" 5-Volt Power Supply

Build the "Light Genie"

Build A State-Of-The-Art Battery Charge Monitor

Popular Electronics--Electronic Experimenter's Handbook (1982)

NASA Motor Control Circuit Saves Electric Cost

Build A True RMS Voltmeter

How to Add I/O Ports to Microcomputers

Build a Dynamic Audio Noise Filter

Add A Clipping Indicator To Your Audio Amplifier

Solid-State Humidity Control

Build a Smart Switch

Listen To A New World Of Sounds With Ultrasonic Detector

Perform Complete Impedance Measurements With This R-F Bridge

Make Your Computer Work As a Control Center

A Simple Touch Control Switch

Open-Door "Fridge Alarm" Stops Food Spoilage And Energy Waste

Low-cost Loop Antenna Extends AM Radio Reception

A Simple Precision Power Supply for your Workbench

Four low-cost projects

Build an In-circuit Transistor Tester for $15

How to Add Triggered Sweep To An Oscilloscope

Designing Circuits for Worst-Case Operation

Build The "Super Marker"

Precision References for Current & Voltage

Build a Pink Noise Generator For Audio Testing

Popular Electronics--Electronic Experimenter's Handbook (1983)

Tools & Equipment for Electronic Workbenches

High Performance Scratch and Rumble Filters

Check Your Heat Loss With A Degree-Day Meter

A Low-Cost 16-LED Logic Monitor

Build a Vocal "Truth" Analyzer

Accurate Ways to Measure In-Circuit Resistances

Build an Infrared Road Icing Alert

An Experimenter's Guide to Relay Control

A Low-Cost A/D converter

Build a Personal Radiation Monitor

How to Add Triggered Sweep to an Oscilloscope

Measuring Large Currents with a DMM

Troubleshooting PLL Circuits

Inexpensive Auto Battery Tester

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